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How to create a bathing ritual fit for a goddess

For centuries setting aside time to soak away daily stresses has been an incredibly healing ritual for cultures from all over the world. From the Romans to the Japanese, immersing in soothing waters has always allowed for restoration of mind, body and soul. Today, perhaps more than ever, slowing down and carving out time for relaxation is a necessity, rather than a nicety. We’d love to share some ideas on how you can create a self-care ritual bath fit for an Egyptian Queen.


Create a Space for Calm

Relaxation begins during the mindful preparation of your bathtub ritual. Enjoy the process of slowing down and gifting yourself with a dose of home spa serenity. Use this as an opportunity to tune into the things that feel nourishing for your soul and bespoke to your needs. Experiment with scents to suit your mood from soothing lavender, to uplifting bergamot - adding a couple of drops of essential oil to your bath water creates a prescriptive healing experience. You may also like to add epsom salts or flakes to boost magnesium levels, proven to contribute towards greater feelings of wellbeing. Boost your serotonin levels even more by adding relaxation sounds that resonate with your spirit. Last but not least lighting plays a massive part in regulating the nervous system. Research shows that when exposed to dim, soft lighting our bodies relax and cortisol levels in the blood are significantly reduced. Using candles creates the ultimate ritual experience - placing a few of your favourite luxury candles around your bath tub adds a sense of sacredness to your self-care immersion.


Fill Your Tub with Self-Love

Cultivating and mastering self-love is an ever evolving state of being which leads to long lasting happiness, peace and contentment. For many, even the very notion of putting their own needs first may bring up a range of uncomfortable emotions. Repetition is the key to creating any new habit and cultivating an attitude of self-love is no different. It becomes easier and more natural over time. The very action of setting aside the time and space to treat yourself with kindness and care is an incredibly self-loving thing to do. It means that you understand the importance of filling up your own cup first. Then you can be there for others and support them in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling neglected, drained and depleted. Your bathing ritual is a chance for you to close the door on the outside world, soothe your senses and soak in self-love like the goddess you are.


Set Your Intentions

To seal a sense of sacredness into your bathing ritual tune into what your intentions for this practise are. How would you like to feel afterwards? Why is creating this window of serenity important for you? How do you feel treating yourself in a loving way? Peace, calm and quiet create a natural space for personal inquiry to arise and your mind may be a buzz with your to-do list. Become aware of this and challenge yourself to be as present as possible. Resist the urge to cut your ritual short and return to action. In our busy and hectic modern lives we rarely give ourselves the gift of peace and quiet. It’s perfectly normal to resist this initially and gravitate towards distraction. Much like the practise of meditation, a long and lingering bath time may even feel too much like ‘self-indulgence’ to begin with. The key to any form of personal development is awareness, from this place we begin to unravel conditioning and limiting beliefs. As you soak a little bit deeper into the tub anchor into your intentions, peeling back another layer and sink further into relaxation.


Rinse Away Stresses From the Day

Honour this time of pampering and relaxation by savouring the present moment. Visualise the healing waters washing away any negativity that may have attached to your aura and take the opportunity to tune into your breath. Inhale calm, exhale stress. Take each breath right down into the stomach and expand further with each round. Imagine your aura becoming stronger, and more vibrant as you’re immersed into an ever deepening state of calm. Your muscles are soothed as lactic acid releases and your body begins to adjust to a sense of tranquility and spaciousness. Here you drop into your parasympathetic nervous system, a.k.a the ‘rest and relax’ setting. When you feel ready to step out of the tub and conclude your goddess bathing ritual imagine any negativity swirling down the plughole as you emerge purified. 

No bathing ritual fit for a goddess would be complete without luxurious sleepwear to slip into, a platter of grapes and a soothing herbal tea to enjoy in an ambient space. For seamless serenity, light one of our signature blended candles, sit back and enjoy the rest of your evening.

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