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Health & Wellness Trends of 2020 and what to expect in 2021

Health and wellness trends change by the minute and us health junkies have to keep up with them. Not to worry though we have you covered, in this article we will look at some of the health and wellness trends that came out of 2020 and what we might expect in 2021 when everybody begins to go back to a normal way of living.

What have people been doing to stay healthy whilst being in lockdown? What was happening just before lockdown? And what we can expect to happen when the lockdown lifts and we are allowed to go back to our old routines.


Stay at home trend

There was a real need to stay at home during the last few months and some things that have emerged over that time are virtual reality classes such as Zwift and Peloton. These apps saw massive upticks in their membership numbers and usage figures over the last few months and with a captive audience it’s not difficult to understand why.

There has also been a real trend of viral videos and everybody having a go at taking part in them such as the toilet roll keepy uppy challenge and the teabag challenge, which for anybody that hasn’t seen it is attempting to volley a tea bag into a mug.


Bedtime Stories

This one is to do with sleeping habits and the affect on the body that a structured and well followed sleeping habit can have on the body.

There are a whole host of apps that offer bedtime stories now they are designed to get you away from the screen and social media to focus on a story designed to help you fall asleep.

These stories are written in such a way that they help you to switch off, relax and fall into a deep sleep that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead when you wake up in the morning.



Whilst a trend that wasn’t established this year, it has become more prevalent as people are needing to take a moment to put their mind at ease and work on their mental state, especially during the stressful times that we are currently experiencing.

Meditation is a technique designed to put one’s mind at ease, to take away the stresses and just to switch off and appreciate the here and now, the general public has always been fascinated by it but even more so now.


Healthy Homes

The next one is something that was expected to become a trend in 2020 before Covid and certainly became one afterwards.

The trend of a healthy home is focused on the air quality that we have inside our houses, if we cook and clean we can actually pollute the air in our home and several brands have released solutions to this.

Ikea have launched air-purifying curtains, there has been a rise in cleaning products based only off of natural ingredients and even smart technology such as Velux’s indoor climate control solution that opens and closes windows as and when needed.


Trends to look for in 2021

Going forwards what can we expect from 2021?

As we emerge from the Covid pandemic we are going to begin to get back to our everyday routines from the past and this will involve things such as going back to gyms and leisure centres, being able to attend yoga and Zumba sessions and being able to take part in group exercise again.

Some trends that we expect to emerge in 2021 are:


Sound Massage

This trend came to the world in 2019 but since the lockdown we have not been able to expand on it, sound massage is a massage technique that uses sound dishes which vibrate at various frequencies to reduce stress and pressure in the body.

During the lockdown it’s not been possible to attend massage parlours to have this treatment and we expect it to bounce back in a big way in 2021.


Group Exercise

We have been starved of human interaction with members from outside our household as we have to socially distance from them, as a result group exercise has not been able to take place.

As a species we are a very social one and we like to participate in group activities, we have been able to do this online and in virtual situations but to be able to go out into the fresh air and exercise with one another again is something that is going to see big demand post lockdown.


Immune System Supplements

A health trend that will arise directly as a result of Covid and continue long after is the rise of people taking immune system supplements.

The general public will be looking for any potential products to reduce their risk of suffering from Covid or another disease that could potentially come along. As a result people will begin to take more immune system boosting supplements in an effort to avoid g

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