The Rise Of Peloton & Other Stay At Home Workout Solutions

During the current pandemic people have been forced to stay at home under lockdown and practice social distancing, even though the lockdown is beginning to lift there is still a need to practice social distancing to minimise further outbreaks and as a result many sports and leisure facilities have been unable to open.

Due to the current climate all of us fitness fanatics have had to turn to new and interesting solutions to be able to keep fit.

This has led to the rise of stay at homework out options Peloton, Mirror and Zwift.



Peloton specialises in providing online fitness and workout sessions either with the user using Peloton’s bike and screen or by playing the session on a TV screen and riding along on your own bike.

Even though owning the peloton bike helps the user synch better with peloton, It does need to be said that the Peloton bike option isn’t for those of us on a budget as it starts off at around £1,800 and begins to climb when you add options and customisations onto it.

The app though is priced quite competitively at £30 per month giving you access to over a thousand on demand classes as well as the live options where users cycle in groups similar to a spin session just imagine if everybody else was in a different house being shouted at and motivated by the session leader.

There is a space to leave comments on the live sessions and this creates a social media-y type of feel to the app.

As a concept Peloton was swiftly gaining in popularity before the lockdown, however since the outbreak of Covid their Fitness Subscribers grew by 94% to over 886,000, the number of workouts carried out in the last three months was 44.2 million compared to 24.3 million for the three months before that, an increase of 82%.

If you have a head for finance and would like to know whether this has increased the value of Peloton then just look at these numbers: their share price has increased from $28.40 (about £22.50) at the end of 2019 to $62.50(around £50), an increase of 120%, showing that the Covid world and the new normal are tailor made for Peloton to take advantage of and for all of us fitness fiends who like to get on board the latest trends to at least get the App if not the Bike itself.



Next up on the list of innovative stay at home solution is Mirror, the way this works is quite ingenious.

When switched off Mirror looks like a normal Mirror so it fits into the design of your house very well and can be placed on a wall perhaps in your bedroom or workout room.

When switched on Mirror transforms into a smart screen that guides you through exercises, you can see the personal trainer walking you through the exercise step by step and you can also see how you perform against the personal trainer and whether your form is correct.

Mirror has taken the fitness world by storm with many celebrities rushing out to buy one, their client list includes plenty of A list celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Jennifer Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres who even refers to hers as the Magic Mirror.

The Mirror can be purchased for £1,190 and includes a wall mount and stand, the companion app and a care kit, whilst this may seem expensive they also have financing plans and plenty of discounts available, at the moment there is an offer to save £280 for the month of July.

Mirror also makes use of social media like functionality with your score being put against other users and friends, similar to how Strava works, you can also compete against yourself and try and improve your performance and form with each workout session that you complete.

If you look at valuation of the company it was worth £238M in 2019 and now the leading Athleisure company Lululemon have acquired the company for £397M, an increase of 66.67% in 12 months.

So if you are looking for the next fitness trend to take part in maybe the Mirror is for you.



Finally we have Zwift, an ideal place for all the cycling gang to take part and compete against each other from the comfort of their own living room/workout room.

The way Zwift works is great, it couples with your bike and smart trainer or power meter to give you an accurate virtual reality experience through your TV/Computer screen.

It can be used to have races against other Zwift members, to join a community within the app or simply to compete against yourself and gun for that new PB!

Zwift gives you 25KM as a free trial, however be warned you are going to get through this very quickly, I have to say that I found myself getting addicted to the experience.

After that it’s a subscription of £12 per month, but for what you get through the app it’s very good value for money. It’s a truly immersive experience that has to be experienced, with its virtual worlds along with its social and community features it is definitely a solution that will thrive in a post Covid world.

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