Bedtime blend

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    Proper SPA experience!
    I’m a big fan of baths and this product has made this experience even better for me! It smells lovely, as soon as you open the bag you can feel the lavender scent, such a relaxing experience that your whole bathroom feels like a proper spa! The bag is huge, so also great value for money! I’d definitely recommend this product!
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    A real bath time treat!
    Felt like I’d been to a spa after using this. Makes such a different to your bath routine. My skin feels really soft.
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    Lovely, relaxing bath salts!
    The aroma from the bag was gorgeous, but even with four scoops of the salts, the bathwater wasn't that highly scented. Nevertheless, they were bought for their therapeutic value above all, so I can't fault the product for that. They dissolve well and for the size of bag, are excellent value for money. I didn't have any issues with the bag failing to re-seal, so although I've decanted a large amount into this jar, there is still quite a bit left in the bag, which has sealed up well.